Compare Honda Ridgeline Dimensions

Every year`s automobile lover orders force car makers to design the latest exemplars that feature higher potential, disparate essential elements, and sizes. If you are thinking about the very last one and attempting to recognize what dimensions the Honda Ridgeline features, count on our professionals. On this webpage, we suggest varying charts and tables with strict info about the Honda Ridgeline hallmarks, particularly, the very dimensions. Vehicle owners certainly have piles of needs to fulfill - convenience, flexibility, painless parking process, saving gas consumption, and others.

Accordingly, the dimensions of your own Honda Ridgeline can become one of the key features to think over when planning to single out a modern automobile. As such wise, we all know three dimensions that come with height metrics, width metrics and length metrics. Thus, the height of your own Honda Ridgeline can be evaluated beginning with the lowermost part and ending with the tallest point of the car roof. Next, the width may be a significant metric for anyone, who may have a confined carport, simply because this second measure describes the biggest sides of your own Honda Ridgeline except for mirrors. The very last one is the length of your own Honda Ridgeline and to detect it a car owner should evaluate it from the rear bumper towards the front bumper and put an instrument (like a yardstick) on the floor to snap up the genuine statistics.


Is the Honda Ridgeline a truck?

The Honda Ridgeline is a midsize pickup truck manufactured by Honda. The Ridgeline is the only pickup truck currently produced by Honda. The Ridgeline is built using a unibody frame, and a transverse-mounted engine, and is only offered in a crew–cab short-box configuration with one powertrain.

Is the Honda Ridgeline bigger than Toyota Tacoma?

Yes, the new Toyota Tacoma is bigger than the new Honda Ridgeline trucks for sale. The Toyota Tacoma has a wheelbase of 127.4 inches and an overall length of 212.3 inches. The Honda Ridgeline has a shorter wheelbase of 125.2 inches and a shorter length of 210.2 inches.

What truck compares to the Ridgeline?

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline is a unibody 4-door pickup truck, while the 2022 Ford Ranger is of the traditional body-on-frame variety. Both are established midsize pickup trucks.

Does Ridgeline ride like Pilot?

The midsize pickup may be extremely similar to the Pilot, but its truck bed makes all the difference. Why pay for a Pilot when the Ridgeline offers a similarly smooth ride quality and a truck bed?

Which is bigger Toyota Tacoma or Honda Ridgeline?

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline is 4.2 inches wider and 0.4 inches taller than the Tacoma, but the Tacoma is 2.1 inches longer than the Honda Ridgeline. The Honda Ridgeline also has a truck bed that's 3.5-inches longer and 8.5-inches wider (when measuring between wheel wells) than the Tacoma.

Is Honda Ridgeline full-size?

The Honda Ridgeline is a midsize pickup truck manufactured by Honda. The Ridgeline is the only pickup truck currently produced by Honda. The Ridgeline is built using a unibody frame, and a transverse-mounted engine, and is only offered in a crew–cab short-box configuration with one powertrain.

Is the Honda Ridgeline a truck or SUV?

The Ridgeline is a four-door pickup truck with five seats. Cloth upholstery and manually adjustable front seats are standard. Available upgrades include leather upholstery, heated and power-adjustable front seats, and a heated steering wheel.

What truck compares to Honda Ridgeline?

First up to challenge the Honda Ridgeline is the Chevrolet Colorado. Comparing equivalent trim levels of both trucks, the Ridgeline begins with a modest price advantage over Colorado. These savings only continue to add up the further down the list we go.

How big is a Honda Ridgeline truck?

2023 Honda Ridgeline Exterior Dimensions

Wheelbase: 125.2 inches. Length: 210.2 inches. Height: 70.8 inches. Width: 78.6 inches.

Is Honda Ridgeline trunk waterproof?

The tailgate opens in two ways – down and to the side – which makes for easier loading and unloading. The Ridgeline also has a waterproof compartment underneath the bed floor with a useful 7.3 cubic feet of space.

Which is bigger Ridgeline or Maverick?

The Ridgeline is bigger than the Maverick, resulting in more passenger space. It has a total passenger volume of 110 cu-ft, compared to 100.3 cu-ft for the Maverick.

What are the negatives on a Honda Ridgeline?

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Honda Ridgeline – The Cons

  • Fuel Economy Could Be Better. The Honda Ridgeline is not terrible on gas.
  • Not As Rugged As a Traditional Pickup Truck.
  • Lower Tow Rating.
  • Ventilated Seats Are Not Offered.
  • Steeper Starting Price.

What are the dimensions of a Honda Ridgeline truck?

2021 Honda Ridgeline Specs & Dimensions. Length: 210.2 in. Overall width without mirrors: 78.6 in. Height: 70.8 in. Wheelbase: 125.2 in.

Is the Honda Ridgeline body on the frame?

, Unlike traditional body-on-frame pickup rivals like the Chevy Colorado or Toyota Tacoma, the Ridgeline is a unibody vehicle—meaning, it has no separate frame.

Can a Honda Ridgeline carry a sheet of plywood?

The Honda Ridgeline is the only truck in its class that can carry an 8X4 sheet without having to angle the piece on the wheel well. That means you can bring home plywood, drywall, and more without risking damaging the material. The Ridgeline is set to tow up to 5,00 pounds and can handle 1,583 pounds of payload weight.

Is body-on-frame better than unibody?

Unibodies are more rigid due to the forces spreading over the entire vehicle, and because of this can also use less material and are lighter. This means better fuel economy, handling, acceleration, and deceleration. Body-on-frame vehicles allow for better NVH, as the body can be isolated separately from the frame.

What are the disadvantages of unibody?

Cons of Unibody Design

three downsides make unibody a bad fit for some types of vehicles: Lower towing capacity. Worse off-road performance. More expensive repair costs.

What are the disadvantages of body-on-frame?

The main disadvantage of body-on-frame construction is that it increases the weight of vehicles. That leads to reduced fuel economy. Body-on-frame vehicles also tend to have poorer handling and cornering than unibody vehicles.

Why are body-on-frame trucks better?

The primary one is that body-on-frame vehicles are better at off-roading and hauling because their design makes them highly resistant to twisting forces, the kind you'll experience when you're crawling over rocks, for example, or when you've loaded heavy items into your vehicle's cargo area.

Is body-on-frame more durable?

It is more resistant to long-term fatigue, impacts, and twisting forces -all important factors for the more serious off-roader, especially rock crawlers. The modular build of the body-on-frame also makes it easier to replace damaged parts.

What is the trunk dimension of a Honda Ridgeline?

Fearing that we'd run out of space in the cab and in-bed trunk, we tried hard to get a tonneau cover installed before the trip that would secure and weatherproof the 33.9 cubic feet of storage afforded by the 64.0-inch long, 50.0-to-60.0-inch wide, 17.0-inch-deep bed.

How big is the trunk in the Ridgeline?

A defining feature of the Honda Ridgeline is its 7.3-cubic-foot lockable In-Bed Trunk. The opening is expansive and can easily accommodate large items such as golf bags, or even an 82-quart cooler. A special lip on the lid channels waters around the edge of the trunk opening.

What kind of bed does a Honda Ridgeline have?

Truck Bed Length (Tailgate Up/Down): 64.0/83.0 inches. Truck Bed Width (At Wheel Wells/At D-Pillar/At Bed Walls): 50.0/51.0/60.0 inches. Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Tie-Down Cleat Capacity: 350 pounds. Truck Bed Cargo Volume: 33.9 cubic feet.

How big is the Ridgeline bed?

The Honda pickup has only one-bed length, 5.3 feet, which lines up with competitors' short beds and has the second-lowest volume at 34 cubic feet. The antidote to this disparity is its locking, weather-tight in-bed trunk, which is located below the bed's floor and accessed from above. It has a 7.3-cubic-foot capacity.

Do all Honda Ridgelines have in-bed trunks?

Ridgeline is the only truck in its class to feature an In-Bed Trunk®. At 7.3 cubic feet of space, it's large enough to fit an 82-quart ice chest and features a drain plug. It is also lockable and features built-in grocery-bag hooks and guides for accessory cargo dividers.

How deep is a Honda Ridgeline bed?

Honda 2022 Ridgeline has its in-bed truck in the bed. With weatherproof storage, a drain plug for when you use it as a cooler, truck bed audio, hooks, and it being a 17-inch deep bed, giving extra space.

What is the Honda Ridgeline bed made of?

Fully boxed ultra-high-strength steel cross members under the bed allow it to have ample load capability. The Ridgeline bed features the kind of versatility owners have come to expect from Honda.

Does the Honda Ridgeline have a 6-foot bed?

The Ridgeline has a 5-foot-4-inch bed with a max payload capacity of 1,583 pounds, which is about average for the compact pickup truck class.

Can Honda Ridgeline fit motorcycle in bed?

Motorcycle and ATV owners will be happy with the cargo-carrying capabilities of the 2021 Honda Ridgeline. The tailgate can handle 300 pounds, and there are eight tie-down points, with each having a rating of 350 pounds. Plus, the bed is made of a fiberglass composite that resists denting.